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Providing career coaching and onboarding mandatory training for candidates

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to towards Diversity because there are traits and characteristics that make each individual unique and Inclusion to give everyone a safe environment and ensure everyone knows and feels that they are welcomed.
You may ask how will we do this? Well through valuing differences we enable everyone to excel and thrive at work. As an inclusive recruiting and staffing agency we aim at practicing fair policies that enable a diverse spectrum of individuals to collectively work together effectively.



Health & Business Staffing Agency

As a seasoned working professional, career college educator, and an established entrepreneur, Nicole encountered pools of talented candidates and found that at times were not sought after, on the sidelines, or even unknown. Nicole noticed some potential candidates were moms that are navigating their way after childbirth, raising children, and attending a school that had so much transferable skills and talent but were hesitant to start a new career or find a new place of employment. In hindsight, Nicole recalls telling those talented candidates, “Apply to the job! You will do well”. Nicole wants to bring those candidates and more to the forefront.

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Health & Business Staffing Agency

Nicole Genc

Today amid a pandemic there are many paradigm shifts, organizational and structural changes. As I build this organization, I keep these concepts in mind as I work with clients to recruit top candidates and work with candidates during a time of change or displacement. I will do my all to effectively communicate organic structural changes in our organization and forecast to be readily adaptable to the new normal of doing business.

Health & Business Staffing Agency collaborates with clients and candidates to have a scope with mutual goals to excel in respective endeavors. I look forward to working with my clients and candidates.

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