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Nicole has a conversation with Alecia Bryan DNP(c), MSN, BA, APRN, FNP-C.

Alecia Bryan

The highlights and key words to conversation: Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant, LPN, Nurse Practitioner, The Medical Office and Hospital, Viewing Healthcare as a Business, Quality of Healthcare, Health Disparities, Maternal and Infant Health

I am humbled and blessed to be able to have the opportunity to bring to you the story of Saibatu Mansaray. Saibatu is President and Founder of the Mansaray Foundation, a two tour combat Veteran in the U.S. Army, former White House Physician Assistant and Tactical Medical Officer to President Barack Obama, Director of Medical Operations in the White House Medical Unit, Assistant Director for Public Health at the White House of National Drug Control Policy and holds a MSC in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Healthcare in action, creating access and changing lives.

Join us for a week long conversation starting with The Saibatu Mansaray Journey from Immigrant to The White House.

In today’s conversation with Saibatu and The Mansaray Foundation. The foundation is seeking to make a difference and save as many lives as humanly possible in Sierra Leone (Saibatu’s homeland). The foundation is working on improve maternal health through access to quality services, a skilled workforce, sustainable programs, and resources.


1 in 17 mothers in Sierra Leone has a lifetime risk of death associated with childbirth. And 94% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries such as Sierra Leone. MATERNAL MORTALITY IS NOT ONLY A WOMAN’S ISSUE OR AN AFRICAN ISSUE, IT IS A GLOBAL HEALTH ISSUE. NO WOMAN DESPITE GEOGRAPHY, ECONOMIC, OR LITERACY STATUS SHOULD DIE FROM CHILDBIRTH.


Saibatu Mansaray’s mission in this fight is to partner with passionate and informed partners to help solve this Maternal Mortality Crisis. The first step is awareness, to alert the global community that Sierra Leonean mothers are dying and together we can save them. The Mansaray Foundation is a grassroots non-profit organization seeking to make a difference and save as many lives as humanly possible in Sierra Leone. Saibatu hopes to spread this message and encourage others to join the fight.


Immigrant to White House

Making a Difference

Maternal Mortality a Global Health Issue

Informed Partners to Help Solve the Maternal Mortality Crisis

The The Mansaray Foundation’s strategic priorities and implementation methods

What are you fighting for?